Coupon Junkie

I’m Regina and I’m a coupon junkie.  Lately I’ve been scanning the deals and websites looking for the next deal. I fell so rich when I have my coupons as I can get so much with $20.
I went to Rite Aid and Walgreens this past weekend and spent $4.31 and got $42.95 worth of items.  I got $32 worth of make up for .46 before tax in a transaction (a transaction is an entire order /purchase of many items at a time).  Coupons can really stretch your dollar on items you need.  This is very important now that my son is in karate and my daughter is in dance, so we need to stretch our money further to have them in these activities.
I have fallen in love with a few FREE price matching sites:
·         Bargains to Bounty
·         Coupon Divas
·         The Coupon Wizards
·         The Krazy Coupon Lady
·         Thrifty and Thriving
I stopped using the site I paid for this past week.  I found the above mentioned sites gave me the deals that this paid site did as well, but at no cost, slightly more effort as I went to 5 sites, and I think more savings. You decide for yourself what works for you. You might only want to go to 1 or 2 sites.  But I was comparing them ALL to make sure I didn’t miss out on a deal.

A locally based site for Michigan coupons that I appreciate greatly and adore, is A Mitten Full of Savings.  This is for the Greater Lansing Michigan area for deals around the area.  They hold coupon swaps and share information and are very supportive.  They are also on Facebook too.

Back to my savings.  I went to Meijers grocery store yesterday and got 8 cans of chunky soup, 2 packages of garlic breadsticks, 8 boxes of pasta, 4 ½ lbs of Apples, 2 bags of tortilla chips.  I saved $25.74 and spent $14.31.
My husband has caught on to be a rebate junkie.  I swear he’s been buying things on rebate for several months now, just recycling the same money, getting things we need with rebates at Menards and sending them in and spending the checks at the store. It’s nice to spend the same $20 bill over and over again though. Even getting paid in some instances when we combine coupons and rebates at Menards. He looks for deals at Menards for us now.

What things do you do to reuse your money or stretch a buck?


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