Calendar Police

Every month since school started, or that is as long as my memory is these days, the calendar police has been patrolling my house the first of the month. Miss O reminds me ‘mom its time to change the calendar’. Well, it’s 7:30a.m. and I am running around trying to get the kids ready for school. Changing my calendar isn’t on my mind.

In fact, changing my calendar isn’t on my mind for usually 3-4 days. One month we didn’t change it until the 15th. This caused the calendar police to remind me at least once, if not twice a day, that it was time to change it.

I know she gets this anal behavior from me. But I had to let go a bit when I became a mom. My house used to be clean, everything had a place. The only thing that was a mess was the coffee table. And now every day, the house looks like a tornado rolled through, no matter how often I pick it up, the two tornado’s mess it up. That totally messes with my OCD. But I choose happiness for them, versus yelling at them about the mess they made.

So I will let the calendar police yell at me. Until Miss O throws me in the clink.



  1. I don't even own a calendar. I did buy one for 2012 and I'll get organized then. Right now for important dates and what not, I have sticky notes galore hanging on the computer desk, the fridge. I bought a cute little book calendar with Maxine on it. I plan on keeping it on the computer desk and up to date there.

  2. I know what you mean about learning to let go when you have kids. I used to be really anal about my house being clean but that has certainly changed. :) just stopped by from mbc and became a follower. Would love a follow back. :)

  3. I have a Happy Bunny Calendar hanging in the kitchen. It gives me a smile most months. I have to have it so Crazy Nuts Dad knows when he can do things because he's always scheduling and promising to do things because I did't write it down on the calendar. And I have a calendar in my phone that I update and I carry around one when I do parties, so I things listed in 3 places. I could probably go down to 2, but what if my phone gives out? :)
    Regina, The Crazy Nuts Mom

  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, some families get gift cards and don't know they are coming, but most families are nominated by a friend and know they are coming. Have a great day!

  5. Loved this post! I hear you about embracing the mess and just going with it!

  6. I'm so bad I use my phone as my calendar! I know I should have one more visible in the house somewhere so that I will be more aware of things happening. I lean on technology so much that sometimes it's a really bad thing. I LOVE your blog and your blog name – I feel crazy nut most days ;-). I'm hopping over from the Weekend Hop and am now following you on your RSS feed. Hop on over to my blog http;// if you want. Since you are a coupon lover, I'm guessing you'll like my blog ;-).

  7. I typed my website wrong ignore the ; above, sorry, I was in a hurry!

  8. @Cooking up Faith That is such a great blessing to do. I am following and marked your page to review again

    @Donna yes, I'm on here instead of facing the mess. lol

    @ Bargain GAB My mom hands out calendars for her business, but I was lucky enough to get an entertaining Happy Bunny calendar. It was fine until my daughter learned to read this year. Thanks for sharing your website, I'm following.

    @ Sweetheart – I would go nuts every day hearing mom you need to change the calendar…

    PS I'm following you all now :)

  9. I sometimes don't change my calendar till almost the end of the next month, LOL

    newest follower from MBC

  10. As quite as it's kept, we may share the same house. I have a snack police at my house, so I know the feeling. She reminds me of snacks that she will like to eat after she gets out of school, or what she will eat in a few days.
    I've thought about going on strike because everyone messes up beside me, but that would be shooting my own self in the foot;)

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  12. @MangoChutney I feel your pain!

  13. I say that if all is right with the world with the calendar unchanged, then leave it that way!

  14. Hi,

    I'm your newest GFC follower! I'm coming from week 31 of Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop!
    I have a few calendars as well that I use so if I can't get around to change the one that is for everyone I just dont worry about it! :) Cute post!
    Please feel free to swing by my blog to follow as well!

    Shannon's Tales of Motherhood



  15. Sorry,I forgot to follow :( I'm now…

  16. I am now following–I thought I was the last time we linked up, but my relationship with the computer is much like my relationship with the calendar–both mock my efforts and taunt me until I cave. I ordered a snapfish calendar/organizer for my purse last year and just opened it a few weeks ago to cut out the pictures so that my kids could use them for collages for school. THAT was money well spent…Thanks for letting me know that even ORGANIZED people have calendar issues after having kids! ;o)

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