Why my 6 year old needs a cell phone

There are some days that I want to ask my daughter a question and I have no way to get a hold of her.  She recently got a substitute teacher until her teacher comes back from maternity leave, how was her first day dealing with this.  Did she like the note I put in her lunch.  Don’t forget grampa is picking you up from school.

In these fleeting moments, I consider getting her a cell phone.

Then reality kicks in . . .

I would have to type in words no bigger than 4-5 letters.

She would be asking the teacher what that word was.

She would need help in spelling things to type back to me.

Yup, she’s not ready for a cell phone.  I will just have to be in the dark for another year, maybe more.  She is only 6.

What fleeting thoughts do you have that don’t pan out in reality?




  1. Katrina Rose says:

    When my daughter was six I got her a cell phone, there was no texting options just the ability to call numbers I programmed into her phone. She goes to other states every year so I wanted her to be able to reach me if something bad happened. That phone was not a good quality I could never hear what she was saying. She’s eleven now she had a regular cell phone, which is turned off during school (which is policy in most schools), she’ll call when she gets home from school. I worry less knowing she has a phone in case something happens

  2. How funny. My daughter is 4, and I am sure she’d love to have a cell phone of her own :) One day, 6 year olds with cell phones will be the norm I am sure. LOL!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • My daughter had a pretend phone, but she longs to have a real one. I have a droid and she knows how to answer calls and play games. It’s a matter of time before she knows more than I do. :)

  3. haha- I think it would be funny if a 6 year got a phone and then went up to her teacher to ask, “what did mommy, write to me.” The class would probably think she is the coolest girl for having a cell though! Cute!

    • I’m sure she would be the coolest kids with the cell phone. I have heard that there are kids who DO have a cell phone in elementary school. Just not mine. I pick her up and drop her off to school It’s just those moments when you wonder… how is your Christmas party. Did you get enough food for lunch. That make me want to get her one. Ahh technology…it’s great.

  4. We recently got our nine year old a cell phone. But it’s a pre paid only to be used at the house in case of emergency. We only have cell phones, no house hold land line. I have a heart condition and there are many times that I’m taken to the ER and I always worry about “what if they get home before my husband gets back.” There would be no way to get a hold our son and let him know someone is on their way. So he has his phone that he keeps in his “office” as he calls it.

  5. If my son who is three had to be away from me, I’d have that the same thought, of course not realistic, but I relate! 😉 hehe

    Found you over at the Sat. Laughs blog hop.

    Hope to see you over at

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s hard once they start school and you don’t have control anymore. I guess staring in her classroom window beating on it, is out of the question too. :)

  6. Yikes, a cell phone at six. It seems like kids are getting older, younger! My oldest is only 4 1/2. So far he can operate a computer as far as playing games on Nick Jr. If we get a tablet computer, we’ll probably let him play games on that as well. Although a cell phone for him in 2 years is a scary thought! lol

    • My kids are awesome at the computer. Miss O knows how to go to You Tube and watch Barbie songs. I had to have her stop listening with headphones as there were some ‘questionable’ material she was hearing (singing inappropriate lyrics). She also learned how to make a Barbie cake, so that is what she is having for her birthday. She told the baker to go to You Tube and watch the video. :)

      Kids will be so advanced, they wil know more than I before we know it.

  7. Fleeting thought that didn’t pan out? ” When I lose those 20 pounds” and the ever popular “With my lottery winnings…” of course they haven’t panned out YET.

    Here from the Saturday Laughs Blog Hop. BB2U

  8. I can understand wanting to get in touch with your kids. I’m a teacher, and even for me the school day seems long! . . . Thanks for visiting me at Doorkeeper, Regina. Love your blog!

  9. In theory, it makes sense. But in practice, well, kids lose things. A LOT. Doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not. My son got a cell phone from his dad at age 8, nearly 9. He lost it within a few weeks of having it. He’s got a new one and hasn’t lost it this time.

    Since Aidan doesn’t live with me, it’s great because he can call whenever he wants and he sends the most awesome text messages.

    With that said, I think 6 is a little young only to save you money! :) But it’s really up to you.

    And seriously, WHAT is the font in this comment box? I love it!!!!

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  11. Awe Thanks Mel!

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