Red Tupperware Cup

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There is a song about a Red Solo cup by Toby Keith, which I found very entertaining. But while relaxing in my bathroom, (because it’s the only place I’m left alone) that song came to mind as I looked at the red Tupperware Bell Tumbler cup my kids had brought into the bathroom. I had to hum that song in my head, but I sang Red Tupperware Cup, I fill you up.. Gave me a warm smile and reminded me of being a kid.

Growing up, we had a blue Tupperware Bell Tumbler cup. We played with it and used it to wash the soap off of us, get the shampoo outta our hair, and get a clean drink of water from the faucet while in the bathtub. (my mom still has them!).  We had it from the time I can remember, until I moved out (ok, I moved out a lot, it was always there). My kids use it while at my parents house now.

So I wonder what kinds of parties the kids have been having with their red Tupperware cup.

This morning my daughter asked me where the red Tupperware cup went.  I had to get a a cup from our cupboard , so she could brush her teeth. It’s great that she has a routine (most of the time) and finds the cup part of it. I made sure to give her a red one.

The cups come in new colors now.  You can now buy them in a set of Lime/Orange Peel/Fuchsia Kiss/Tropical Water, but they are still around!  The come in sets of 4 for $15.  The sippy lids are sold seperately for $9.

What memories do you have with the Tupperware cups and what songs do you sing about them?


  1. Now I have that crazy song in MY head, thank you so much. The kids are crazy about it. I still have and use the little bell cups I bought well before my oldest daughter was born – I think it dates back to the early 1970s. They’re sturdy little things. When I was a kid, we had the colored metal cups that sweated and got so cold when filled with iced tea that my mom bought little knitted socks that went over them. I LOVED those cups, but my husband hated them.

    • It has been in my head for a few days, too. One thing to do with the cups is to take them and store them away for your grandkids! I have a box that I have of stuff I’m storing away as well of Tupperware cups and the Shape O Ball too.

      Those sweaty cups sound like they had some great memories for you, and knitted sock cozzies on them, adorable!

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  3. Those are great cups.
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  4. Good morning Regina – sweet post! I love those kinds of memories and have always tried to give my children a few things in life that are constant. It gives them a sense of belonging, of security, and of knowing that there is order in our world, even when things all around us seem to be spinning out of control. Some things are just the same, for our entire lives. Beautiful reminder. ;o) Stopping by from voiceBoks, so I’ll pop up and +1 this post now! Have a great Friday, Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

    • Thanks Nina. I loved your blog post on old books. I love historical books. I have learned a lot about the town I’m from, from reading the historical books at the library.

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  6. I love Red Solo Cup. I too had the blue tupperware cups as a kid with the lids that I loved to gnaw on. Thanks for making me smile today.

    I found your post through the Linky hop:

    • Ahh, I order a lot of lids for customers because their kids gnaw on the lids. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Thanks for stopping by Laura. I love your Gluten Free blog. I have a friend who changed her kids diet for varous reasons to gluten free. I gave her your blog as you give recipes. Love the pizza recipe, looks like something I would eat as well!

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  8. This probably made me think of what kind of habbits does my kids have..
    I cannot stop thinking if my daughter has a favorite tupperware, which she probably has and I just havent notice.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. This might sound crazy but I didn’t know they still made Tupperware! I use to go to party’s when my husband was in the Air Force. I want to try your chocolate covered strawberry’s, yum! What’s eating your bulbs is probably squirrels you can take big cans that juice comes in take off both end and plant them in the ground with the bulbs inside. Or just feed the squirrels so their not hungry,lol.

    • I hear that a lot. Tupperware has been around for over 67 years! I’m not sure it’s squirrels, I’ve seen mole mounds through the tulips, do you think that will work for them?

  10. Our grandsons sing that song all of the time! How nice that a little red cup sparked a happy memory. xo P.S. thank you for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party. Did you get your entry in for the sweetheart giveaway? It ends tomorrow

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  12. What a fun song! When I was a kid, we lived in Thailand, and believe it or not, tupperware made it all the way there. I can remember my Mom having “Tupperware parties” and using Tupperware for everything! I don’t recall the cups specifically, but I do know anything made by that company was of the highest quality!

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  14. we love those as well! I remember the cup I used to drink out of as a kid when I brushed my teeth :)

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  15. I love Toby Keith! I didn’t know this particular song yet, but I’ll be sure to go and listen.

    I once had a yellow tupperware cup for the kids, but it’s disappeared…

  16. I remember drinking out of one of those that was a sippy cup when i was about 4?

    • They are great for kids who are going from a bottle to cup as they have sippy lids. Then as they get older, you can just use the cups. Sometimes we still put the lid on for my 4 year old because well, he still spills. Then again, so do I. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. I have my pens in it and am looking at the pink one!!

  18. Familiar things offer comfort fun posts

  19. Great post! Coming from your link on Best Posts of the Week. :)

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