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I’m all about saving money any where I can. With today being the first day of Spring! It’s time to take a look at the house and see how we can save money there.  Here are a few ideas to help you save money.

1.  Turn down the thermostat. Either turn up the AC so it’s a little warmer or turn the heat down so it’s running cooler (depending on your part of the country).

2. Run your washer after everyone has taken showers.  This will have the water heater running once during the day.

3.  Get a tankless water heater.  Water will be heated on demand, versus waiting for you.  It’s more expensive, but should save  you in the long run.

4.  Turn the water heater down. According to you can save 3-5% for every 10 degrees you turn down the temperature on your heater.

5.  Turn off lights when not in use.  If you are not in the room, turn off the lights.  My kids are horrible for this (working on them) to save money.

6.  Use CFL bulbs.   They use about 75% less energy. has more information.

7. Unplug plugs that are not in use. They draw phantom loads waiting for you to turn them on.  TVs are a big on.  If you are going away, consider unplugging them (leave them plugged in if you have a DVR or plug in the DVR so your shows are recorded if you want). Any appliances that are not needed to be on, can be unplugged.  Look for other items that can be unplugged.

8. Replace windows/doors.  In the winter, we loose a lot of energy from our windows and doors.  We have been replacing them as we can afford.  I have noticed the kids rooms are much warmer in the winter. We had less drafts by the doors are we got storm doors until we can replace the doors themselves.

9.  Check doors/windows for drafts.  This is good to do a cooler windy day.  You will feel the wind easier so you can fill the areas with insulation.

10.  Run fans/ceiling fans to distribute the air throughout the house.

11. When it’s cold, bake!  This will provide some heat.  If it’s hot, out, grill outside!


  1. Its amazing how some of the most effective tips are just common sense 😛

    I don’t know how long it would take to recoup the costs of new doors, windows, and hot water tank but turning down the thermostat is something you can do now! Like, right now… put down the laptop and go do it!

    • Implementing what you can, when you can, should help lower your bills. I would love to have a tankless waterheater, but the one we have is still good. So probably until it dies, we won’t look into doing that.

      Every bit you can do to save money, helps!

  2. Those are some useful tips. The one about doing the washing after everyone has showered was new to me! So thank you!

  3. Really fantastic tips not only on saving some green but BEING green too!! I don’t think people realize that going green will actually save them a lot of money in both the short term and long term and you did a great job of highlighting that fact!

  4. very effective tips!!!
    I just changed the thermostat this morning. Spring numbers WAY HAPPY about that!!!

    Poping by with vB =)

  5. Those are great tips on how to save on electric costs in the home. We also opted for instant water heaters to save on heating costs.

    • I am envious of you for your water heater, silly I know. But I think it would be awesome to have one just to see how much money we save instead of keeping the one we have running all the time.

  6. Love the good old fashion common sense! I will need to use the one run the washer after the showers. I am always playing around with the temperature and chasing the kids around turning off lights.

  7. Thanks for sharing-these are great tips! Found you at WATF link up and hope that you will stop by and say hi!
    -Mackenzie @

  8. You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog to collect your award.

    Queen of Savings

  9. Her’e the direct link to the Award page. :)

  10. This is a great list!
    In the winter months, we try to keep our heater down to 73 degrees. We have central heat, so we close all the vents to the rooms we are not constantly in.

    At night we open the vents to the kid’s bedrooms so they can get a little heat at night, but we also turn the heat down to approximately 68-69 degrees, because we are all snuggled nicely under blankets.

    this saved us a LOT of money in energy bill this last winter!

    Also in the summer, we try to hang a lot of laundry to dry outside. Saves money on the drier running and also gives a glorious fresh scent to the clothes.

    • Great ideas! We have a clothes line on our deck and it’s time to put it up so we can start hanging laundry (it can be taken down for the winter). I’m super excited as this will be our first year of using it. Hanging laundry beats making the house hot in the summer.

  11. Agree with organic blonde! These tips are also a great way to be green.

  12. Of course, you can save even more money on laundry if you use cold instead of warm water in your washing machine. I use warm only for things that are really yucky, like the shower curtain.

    Depending on your electricity plan, you may have “off-peak hours” when the price per kWh is lower. If you do, try to run some appliances during those hours. My dishwasher has a timer that I can set before I go to bed so that it runs in the middle of the night using cheap power, and then we have clean dishes for breakfast!

    • You are completely right, using cold water instead of warm water is a great way to save money!

      Running at off peak hours is a good idea as well. I will have to check to see if we have that in our area.

  13. great tips! thans for stopping by my blog

  14. Great tips! I am following from the Make My Morning Hop!

  15. Love all of these suggestions. We do or have some of these items already, we are building our home this year and we are incorporating tankless water heater also. thanks for this information.

  16. Great post. We do all these things. Our electric bill is significantly lower than our neighbors’! Another tip, check with your electric company to see if they offer a “residential time of use” program. This program gives you lower rates when using electricity during off-peak hours. For instance, in the summer (april-sept), we get low rates for using electricity between 9 pm-10 am weekdays. Weekends are always low rates. I do my laundry and baking in the evening and save lots of money. We also can turn the a/c cooler to sleep overnight, but keep the temp higher during the day when we’re in shorts and t-shirts anyway. Love it!!! I save at least $500/year.

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