Coupon Journey

How are you doing with your coupon journey?  I haven’t checked in with you all to see how you are doing.

I set a goal for 2012 to save $10,000.  I had a budget of $600 a month last year for groceries.  This year I set a goal to spend $400 a month on groceries.  How am I doing?  So far, I have saved $1,234.15 so far this year on my groceries, add in $645.46 being under $400 per month thru today. A total of $1769.61 in savings, and if I were on my old $600 a month budget, that would have been another $800 saved.  So I’m spending less and saving more.  We are paying off our debt with the extra money.

Are you saving as much as you wanted?  If you are, great and keep it up!  If you aren’t, why do you think is keeping you from meeting your goal?

There are several ways that can help you get back on track.

Time – Find a time of day or day you wont’ be interrupted. When my kids are napping or playing outside works for me.

Finding Coupons – Finding the coupons you use can be challenging.  Your local paper is a good resource.  You can check at Sunday Coupon Preview to see what coupons you should expect before buying the paper. Ask friends for their coupons, join a coupon swap or start one and trade coupons (find a local group in your area or on Facebook). I use Coupon Tom online to help me find coupons, see what is expiring,  find BOGO coupons. You can print coupons at, Red Plum too. Use multiple zip codes to locate coupons.  Zip Codes 90201, 77477, 03030, 02134 are good to find coupons along with your own zip code.

Matching Sales and Coupons – To save the most money, you have to match coupons with sales. I really like Bargains to Bounty for my match ups for Meijer and Kroger (stores in my area).  I like Coupon Diva’s for drugstore deals. Or you can match sales and coupons yourself, I prefer to use sites that match up as it saves time.

Meal Planning – I started using Food on the Table to help me meal plan.  I tell them where I shop, what foods I like to eat and they tell me what foods are on sale that I can make those meals with.  I think compare to the coupon match ups on  Bargains to Bounty so I can get the best deal possible.

Remember it is a journey, not a destination.

What is your barrier to saving money?


  1. You are a great couponer, I saved 75.00 at BJ’s last week with their coupons and manufactor coupons.

  2. Wow $400 a month??? I probably spend 3 times that! How many people are you feeding? That’s amazing!
    I like the idea of the food on the table app.

    • I have a family of 4. I usually buy enough meat for the week on Mondays as it is marked down. :) Then I meal plan around it or I buy twice a week, depending on my schedule and meal plan with it. Beef, Chicken, Pork. Freeze what we don’t eat for leftovers later. My kids are 7 and 4 1/2. My son eats like a small horse now though. It’s about stocking up when things are on sale, to get you to the next sale.

      My daughter also packs her lunch every day, so we have things like that to buy, but I dont buy individual wrap, I buy boxes of crackers and portion them for her for lunch.

  3. Wow. There’s a lesson to be learned here. Who thought you could save SO much through coupons? I’ve got to be more vigilant!

  4. Well, I’m just learning of this goal. I’ve got a great deal oc catching up to do. 😀 Thanks for your visit and joining the Getting To Know You blog hop.

  5. My biggest hurdle with couponing is that I clip the “I might use this one day” product coupons and then fill my pantry with things I would never normally eat! I save money in a sense, but I end up eating things (or tossing boxes long expired) that I wouldn’t normally choose.

    Any coupon/money-saving tips for those of us who don’t use many canned or boxed goods?

    Thank you!

    • Yes, there is that pit fall. You have to buy things you will use. Check your pantry from time to time. And when things are about 2 months from expiring. If you are not going to use them, donate them to your local food bank.

      I woud suggest buying your meats, fruits, veggies on sale and freezing, so you can use at a later date if that works for you. Look for deals at the Reduced clearance rack. Making your own stocks saves money too.

  6. I haven’t actually tried coupon-ing yet. I’m a bit intimidated, but you listed a great number of sites I’m going to have to check out!

  7. you do really well— This year I’ve saved about $350 at one store-I onley know because the store prints out a YTD and another $400 at CVS. There are two other stores I shop and I don’t keep track, but I KNOW my year is going WAY better then last year. I’m always afraid to go overboard with Q’s I don’t want to get shut down at stores– I like watching EXTREAME COUPONING…but I think they have drawn unwanted attention and lead to more RULES that I just really don’t have the time to study each stores policy on Q. I shop for what I need- Have a SMALL stock pile of items we use and that as far as I’ll go—

    • That is really great savings! I use a spreadsheet to track my savings from The Coupon Project. It lets me track my savings.

      I don’t watch the Extreme Couponing show. I have seen it, I am not like that and share real experiences. I agree there are more rules now since that show aired. Thanks for stopping!

  8. I am soooo jealous! I need to get better at this, I normally only save about 36% per shopping trip for a family of 8. I suck!

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Any savings, is great! You keep working on it and you will save more. I didn’t start out couponing saving lots, some shopping trips are meh, and some are super awesome, depends on your needs (and coupons). I try to buy before we need it, so I don’t buy at retail. Keep working on it!

  9. Found your site on MBC and I am following you on Network Blog, Google + and like blog! I have to get the hang on using coupons.

  10. Wow! I am totally amazed that you saved so much money just by using coupons! I use coupons too, but usually I only end up saving a few bucks per trip, and I find that I often get sucked into buying stuff I wouldn’t normally buy, simply because we have a coupon for it. So I guess it’s debatable whether I’m actually saving money! LOL

    Anyway, I’m visiting you from voiceBoks…Stumbled this! :-) Have a great day! Smiles, Jenn

    • You have to buy with a coupon, and it has to be on sale. That is how you save the most money. Making a list and sticking to it helps, unless its a must have forgot to put it on the list item.

      right now my shopping list has 3 items on it for the week. Unless there is a great deal, that is all I’m getting. And they aren’t perishables, so i can stock up until the next sale!

      thanks for stopping, loved your post on Paris!!

  11. What a great idea. I am going to have to do that in our home. Sometimes I spend more because it is on sale or too cheap to pass up.

    • It’s ok to spend more, if it will help you save in the long run. I bought band-aids because they were .47 a box. I think I bought enough for the year (we go through a lot so its hard to tell).

      But spending more to save more in the long run is alright. Just don’t go overboard!

  12. Saving on groceries is the hardest thing for me. I regularly save on everything else, but I hardly ever find grocery coupons, and if I do, it’s not for anything my family will eat. :( It’s so hard, but I still try!

  13. Thank you for these wonderful tips1

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