Easter Egg Fail

I am not the perfect mom.  I saw some really cool ideas on doing Easter Eggs and thought, I can do that.  I some how think I’m Martha Stewart.  Apparently without having an assistant or crew behind me, I just can’t do fancy.  I need to keep it simple. I love simple easy to do recipes.  If I have several steps to follow, I won’t read it and will wing it as you will see…and it usually doesn’t end well.

I decided to make deviled eggs. But not just deviled eggs, I had to make Chick looking Deviled eggs.

I followed the directions here on how to boil eggs.  This worked beautifully.

I would suggest peeling the eggs, shortly after boiling them.  I peeled one, to make sure they were boiled completely before cooling them and they were.  I put them back into the carton and fridge and colored the eggs with the kids in the afternoon.

I used this idea on how to make them look cool.  Mine did not look cool.  I didn’t read the instructions, typical of me.  I have now read the instructions and see what I did wrong.  Apparently, just cracking the shell and coloring eggs the way that is fun for kids, is not going to get the same effect, pouring dye into thema nd rubbing them in a bag was what we were suppose to do.  We had spotty color on the eggs, like 4 out of 18 had color on them….no biggie, kids had fun.

My eggs, did not look like how I pictured they would.

Instead, they looked like this:

Not horrible, still edible.  Just not as colorful and wow factor.  There is always next year.

When I tried to get the yolk out, I cut the eggs, and then it wasn’t far enough to get the yolk out, so then I tore the egg.  So I started cutting them in half to get the yolk out.

While they look like they were baby chicks that were ran over, they were still delicious.  Here is my recipe for deviled eggs.

What holiday disasters have you had?


  1. They are cute, better than what I would have done :-)

  2. LOL!!!! Oh my goodness – I would be lying if I said I have to eat those! LOL! Glad they were delicious :) Hope you had fun making them!
    Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com

    • It was a little strange eatting something with eyes, but if you just remember it’s food and not real, it was all good. We took them over to my parents and lef them there. They had to eat the eggs with faces.

  3. I agree with Pamela! They are still cute :) Mommy effort ALWAYS gets an A no matter what happens.

  4. happy easter! oh well at least you guys had fun, that’s the most important thing :)

  5. Oh, dear! I’m sure the kids didn’t mind as much as you did!

  6. I think the really great thing here is that you tried. Your kids will remember the activity, not the outcome. I’ve had lots of ‘fails’, and my kids always seem to enjoy it nevertheless!

  7. This is a total crack-up because I intended to make those same eggs for our Easter brunch yesterday morning but decided to go for regular old boring eggs out of self-preservation. Mommy meltdowns are no good on holidays. Good for you for attempting what I was not brave enough to do! :)

    • I would have probably melted down if we did them the day off. Doing them a day early, made it easier to not stress. So they should have turned out. But I didn’t have my Martha Stewart Team with me to do them. Guess they had the weekend off.

  8. I still think that they are cute! Andno matter how you feel about them, the experience and memories for your kids is the best part. Not a fail, just a practice run. We’ve all had those!

  9. Aww, they’re still cute. And edible.
    And you have loads of time to perfect this for next year. :)

  10. I love your eggs! I think they look adorable! I love your description that they look like they were run over, that had me laughing! I’m always amazed at how beautiful and “easy” some of these things look and are touted to be until you actually try to do it!! I loved this post!! Thanks for showing a real mom’s real eggs, and I think they are great!!!

  11. Aw, these looks pretty adorable to me! I’m the same way. When we dyed our eggs this year, I wanted to do something fancy too. Not so much. ha!

  12. Love your eggs.. great effort mom. I don’t think I had the energy to do something like that with the kids these for Easter.

    • I let the kids color them, then go play outside while I peeled off all their hard work. It was easier with them being outside instead of trying to help. My daughter only peeled one and said, can I go outside. So it was just me, that made them look like that, I can’t even blame it on the kids.

  13. I think those are cute!! You did better than what I would probably do! lol :)


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