How to Make the PERFECT Omelet

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Author: Carla Lowery 
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I have searched everywhere on the internet and reviewed all of my hand me down family cookbooks to find instructions on how to make the PERFECT omelet.  I do not want a store-bought one or enjoy one at a restaurant, because I want my own homemade creation.  Plus, I am saving money by learning to cook on my own.  I have come to the conclusion, it’s not all about cooking the recipe with love because that is only part of it. For me, I have found that it is partly using good cookware that is what makes the recipe.

My friend Regina recently introduced me to Chef Series with Tupperware!  In particular, the Fry Pan with cover!  Oh my goodness, I love this frying pan!  Not only is it great for cooking stir fry and frying foods, but I found it to be the perfect pan for cooking my omelet!

This past weekend, I spent many hours in my kitchen and I found this recipe on All named “The Mexican Omelet.”  This recipe has the perfect blends of cheeses, avocado, sour cream, green chilies, and tomatoes!  Just try it, I know you will like it!

If you have not tried the Chef Series cookware, I encourage you to earn one of these pans for your household or purchase this pan to create the perfect omelet for yourself. They are currently on sale, check out the sale flier!

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  1. We eat omelets all the time so this is a good one for us. My kids are always asking for them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank goodness I don’t enjoy omelettes much. I love scrambled eggs and they’re much easier to cook :)

  3. Oh we love our omelets in our home! This pan sounds like just what I need!

  4. Oh my family loves omelets, I rarely make them though.

  5. Wish I had this post a few hours earlier as I made a very boring cheese omelette for my family dinner! And who knew Tupperware was now doing cookware! I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for the heads up!

    Warmest regards,

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  7. I love omelets! I definitely plan to try this one soon. Thanks for the link. :)

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