May Tupperware Sales Specials

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Tupperware has some great sales going on in May, check it out.      Order online to take advantage of these great deals!   Here are my favorites, more sales can be found on my Tupperware website.

7 piece Fridgesmart set $73 (a $74 savings!)

The Fridgesmarts keep your veggies & fruits fresh.  Fruits & veggies need different airflow & the Fridgesmarts help regulate the air flow to maintain peak freshness with the venting system.  Ever wonder why strawberries mold so quickly?  It’s because they want a closed air system, broccoli & celery want a partial flow system.  This is a fabulous deal to buy with all the veggies from gardens & farmers markets! Order online
Slim Line Pitcher $9 with $100 purchase

This is a 2 quart pitcher that works great sitting in your fridge door. It takes up less space in your fridge because it’s taller and slimmer. $100 purchase is required to purchase this for $9. Order online


LolliTups set $16.50, save $7.50

These are awesome popsicle containers. They lock together in the freezer. When you go to eat the popsicle,  you flip the popsicle back onto the green portion and what melting happens, go right back into the container, not down your hand! Order online



Smooth Chopper $39, save $20

This little chopper has a 3 cup capacity.  In just minutes, you can quickly and easily chop, blend, whisk and emulsify.  Every pull turns the blades 8 times, all without electricity.

Begin by using the sharp blades to chop vegetables or fruit, then remove and put in the paddle whisk to whisk or mix. Order online




Chec out the rest of the sales going on now here.


  1. That Smooth chopper is very tempting. I love the colors they are using.

  2. I keep wondering about the Fridgesmart set. I would love to extend the life of my perishables.

    • They are great to extend the life of your fruits and veggies. They have their own environment and a button system that you use (based on the veggies) that is on the side of the container. Strawberries get both buttons closed, broccoli gets 1 vent open. The bottom is scalloped to allow condensation to fall away from the food and to prevent spoilage. I have a friend who’s entire fridge in the summer is full of them from all the fresh market food she buys for her 4 boys and I use them for my veggies too. Keeps you from tossing out veggies and fruits because they spoiled before you eat them.

  3. I love the His Lunchbox. My husband drives all day for work so he could really use that. I’m thinking about getting it for him. Is the regular price $39 or is that the sale price?

  4. I love the lollipop thingy majiggy!! Hope they have that where I am from.

  5. I really like the lolli tups! Always so fun even as an adult:)

    • My kids are begging to make popsicles again. We take the V8 splash and make popsciles that way. The kids like them and they are getting fruits and veggies

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