Real Tools for Women

I helped a friend of mine out with her right side of the grass and she was so tickled, she gave me a set of Tomboy tools as a thank you.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive this set as my hubby is always taking off with my tools.  I have to go into his garage sometimes and get my own hammer, screwdriver, etc back into my toolbox.  But not anymore (or at least I will know for sure they are mine!)

I received the Basics kit.  It comes with a measuring tape, pliers, hammer and screwdriver.






The screwdriver is a multi-bit ratchet screwdriver, that store the bits in the handle.  The screwdrivers ratchet motion allows you to twist it with less effort.  And since the bits store in the top, you always have the right bit!


The measuring tape has fraction marks and metrics listed on it, making it easier to use.  I love that I don’t have to wonder what number or hash mark it was when measuring.  I’m not contractor, just a mom!




Do you see the nail on the head of the hammer?  There is a slot tha tallows you to put a nail in there, so you are able to drive a nail in easily, without smashing your fingers!

This hammer is a 13 oz. hammer that is also has a magnetic head (also great to hold the nail there)

This kit also comes with joint pliers that are easy to handle and gripe and an awesome zipper canvas bag.  The tools are easy to spot when left, or if a said man were to walk off with them and put them in his garage.  You would know, that pink tool is mine.

Thanks so much Jen for giving me these tools!  They rock and my little man was drooling over them, so I now need to make sure he doesn’t run off with them too.  Check out her website to place an order for yourself or the lady in your life.  Visit her blog, right side of the grass and tell her the Crazy Nuts Mom sent you!



I received the Basics Kit as a gift with no request to blog about it or what to write.  All opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my disclosure policy.







  1. I like the hammer logistics!! I overdosed on pink when I was in high school and middle school. I wish stuff like this came in other husband repelling colors – but I don’t know what that other color would be. :-( I don’t want anything pink either.

  2. Regina,
    I love those tools. I have a set, myself. I love the slot for the nail on the hammer! I don’t like having to always wait on my husband to take care of things I can take care of myself, with the right tools!

    • I agree with you Erin, I’m not someone who likes to wait for my hubby to do things either. I fixed the fridge the other day (after he tried) and I still let the repair man come because there was a part broke. I like not being reliant on someone to get things done and I love having my own tools to do it!

  3. Now all you need is a pink flashlight!

  4. Wow! That’s really cool! I like the measuring tape the most. I will say that I am a bit of a power tool afficianado, so I do feel that women can easily use regular tools, but I LOVE that these are pretty!

    • I like the measuring tape simplifying how to do things. I was the girl who had the boys do my woodshop projects as I just didn’t get it. :) Thanks for stopping.

  5. Very nice!! I’d much perfure a more manyly set—I’m the handy woman of the house—I do like the magnetic head on the hammer!!!

  6. This is great! My wife is always taking my tools. And the extra perks make me think I might take hers now.

    • Well, there you go! You could get her a complete set and she’d probably be thrilled to have her very own set. I know I am very proud of my collection of tools and that I can get so much down with very few things (compared to the 2 tool boxes in wheels my hubby has). Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love this what a great idea. I need to order a set!

  8. Oh wow, that’s something I absolutely need! A single mom like me has to play the role of the handyman as well. I love that hammer. I like that it’s pink too!

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