Be the Coupon

I am not a super mom. I’m not super organized, nor do I claim to be perfect in anyway. I’m normal (or close to it).

I’m also obsessive on saving money and I spend too much time on the computer some days. Okay, most days.

I stalk price match up sites starting about Thursday, to see what deals are going on for the following week. And I start making a list, and I review the current went to see if there is anything I just have to have.

I print my list and go pull all my coupons from my binder that are organized by category and I put them in their respective zip pouch (yes obsessive).  So I know this store gets these coupons and this store gets these coupons.  And did I mention I also print individual lists for each store and place them in the coupons?

If I’m going to be traveling around a town with several of the same store and I want a lot of the same deal, I will put paper clips around my little bundles of coupons too, so I know those are each shopping trip.

As soon as I get in the store, I grab a flier too, to make sure I’ve got the right sized item to go with the coupons.  I do not like making mistakes with my coupons.

I complete my purchase and exit the store, putting my purchase in the car, taking my receipt to my seat.

When I look at the receipt and see how much I saved and how much I saved.  And that is when I get my high.

I was the coupon today.  I will be the coupon again at the next store too.


  1. haven’t done the couponing thing in a while but know what you mean about getting through the checkout line and seeing how much you saved. I LOVE IT!

  2. I LOVE COUPONING! It’s such a thrill to check the receipt at the end of a trip. Great post!

  3. Thank for sharing1!!!!!!

  4. i am a couponer i love it its sucha thrill to save and get freebies!!

  5. I love coupons but hate clipping them!

  6. I am hoping to one day move with my family to the States. When we do, then I’ll take advantage of coupons and your tips and directory. We save every penny we can here in South Africa, but the coupon thing isn’t big here and not always the cheapest way to go. I’m a mom of 4, with 5 blogs. I’m also a U.S. citizen and my kids have dual citizenships.

    • I am hearing there are other countries that don’t use coupons. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my coupons. I think be even more conscious of what I was purchasing.

  7. Reading this post is why I DON’T coupon-it made my mind spin! haha. But in all seriousness I admire the women and men who take the time to plan and organize so that they save money for their family. I truly wish it was something I was better at so I could help my family more. You are a rockstar!

    • I can understand it was a lot to take in, if you haven’t been couponing before. But my couponing section on my blog has a couponing 101 that can help you get started with lots of helpful information.

  8. It’s always exciting to see how much money you save, even if it’s only a little bit sometimes. I really need to get back into couponing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Saving money is definitely addictive!

  10. Great to hear that you are saving via couponing. Couponing is not as big here in Singapore and I’ll normally scout around for the best deals before heading to the shops.

    • That is smart to do Dominique! If you know that certain stores have better prices on certain items, then you shop those items at specific stores! Great job!

  11. It sounds like you save quite a bit of money. It is always a good thing to know how to save money.

  12. I love using coupons, but my husband hates them! maybe someday ill get into couponing

  13. Ada Miller says:

    I coupon shop too when we get coupons that will actually do me good,but I haven’t been lucky enough here lately to get coupons we use to coupon shop. It does give a sense of accomplishment to know your saving money and getting things cheap or darn near free. However I need to be more organized and am a hot mess when I have boys hollering they want this and that and then digging through my coupons trying to find what I need. It’s exhausting..Need to get back into finding my coupons and getting my deals! Getting low on tp so I better do something fast,huh? lol

  14. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline of a good deal!

  15. LOVE coupons! I have mine organized in a binder as well. I have the coupons I will be using with the store list as well as the sale ad. Wonderful to be able to save money.

  16. I have always wanted to get into couponing. I’ve only recently learned to shop for sales at each of my grocery stores. I may spend a little bit more gas but I compensate with the deals I find.

  17. I absolutely love coupons. The power of a coupon is beautiful to me. I love saving money, seeing what I can get for free, or even cash back, giftcards back, catalina deals. I’ve never done the paperclip way but I am guilty of putting that shopping trips coupons in an envelop by store, and writing in pencil what I am getting that trip/that store, and what my total Out Of Pocket price should be. People can’t mess with couponers when we know what with tax, our trip will be, hahaha. I always tell people to Stand your ground when you are right about your coupon!

    • Great information Angel. I have done the envelops too, but I started printing out my list as I copy and paste from the price match up site. It includes the size, so I don’t make the mistake of getting the wrong size and miss out on the deal.

      Great tips!

  18. I love saving money too. There’s nothing like that rush you get when you look at the original price, and then at the price yóu paid.

  19. Oh… Once upon a time I was just as normal!! Seems like these days all I have time for is “crazy”!! I know I should do it… but Lord knows that not only is my time limited in front of the computer and also knows that I could use the extra savings… Thanks for the push. I guess you can say I am a little closer to couponing again. Thank you for sharing.

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