Dinner Failure . . . trying new recipes

Dinner was horrific. This happens sometimes. I took a recipe from online and tried to make homemade chicken nuggets. They looking nothing like the picture on the website. I didn’t have cornflakes, I used crackers (that could be part of the problem, but I thought they tasted fine). Kids hated them.

I had taken chicken breasts for hubby and I and tried to make Chicken Parmesan from a bag mix I’d bought on sale a while back. And it tasted bad. We have had this before, and liked it. I think it tastes the same, but it’s funny how are tastes have changed. I have prepped more chicken and froze it with the extra we had and boo. I will need to revamp it to make it taste ‘different’ the next time we eat it.

I was able to contact another couponing mom and offer her the other packages of this mix, maybe her family will like it, or she can pass it on as well.

All I know is there is some free space in my freezer and we are having a second dinner tonight.

Don’t you just hate when that happens?


  1. i love trying new recipes..and making up my own ..sometime i do fear i will mess it up and it wont taste good

  2. I think we’ve all done this! I always get a little embarrassed about it though. One time I spent forever making this banana cake and I was sooo excited for it, as was the family and it turned out like s**t! It was hard around the edges and wet in the middle. Yuck!

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in this failure mode. I am a Veteran when it comes to cooking failures. It’s why I’m so proud of the recipes that turn out right!

  3. I’m a stay at home mom who doesn’t cook…this is why! Too many failures! My hubby would rather work construction all day and come home and make dinner than eat something I have made!

    • Awe to funny Steph. I have made the crockpot my friend and I make a lot of delicious meals that way. You add the ingredients and let it be. I am a great baker though!

  4. That is so disappointing, especially when you put effort in to something like that. Oh well here’s to a yummier dinner tonight!

  5. Oh man oh man, this sounds so familiar!! I love trying new recipes, but there is nothing more upsetting when you have the plan and it fails! Bad tasting dinner is so disappointing! And my dinners never look like the pictures! At least you tried! Glad to hear I’m not alone!

  6. I like to try new recipes, but I always have that fear that they are not going to like it! :) Oh well… maybe next time will be better!!

  7. Oh my! Been there, done that. Maybe the recipe on my blog today will work for you. :) Delicious!

    Side note: I actually stopped couponing because many of the items available by coupon just don’t taste very good. We wasted as we saved. Horrible. AND when you don’t have corn flakes, use crushed pretzels. Deeee-lish!

    • Thanks Karen, I will check out your recipe.

      We coupon and rotate our stock so we donate items to the local shelter to help out those who need.

      I will have to remember about pretzels, though we don’t usually have those on hand either. Take care!

  8. Oh this is just like me, I have a new recipe and say hey lets try this looks good and then yuck not good..but then there is sometimes when the meal comes out great. You are not alone :-)

  9. I love experimenting with new (to me) recipes. But ya…they don’t always turn out well. I’m just glad my family puts up with me. :) You’re definitely not alone.

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