Second grade is hard at age 40

Who knew second grade could be so hard.

At age 40.

I survived when my daughter was in kindergarten.  I made it through her first grade homework.

But second grade homework. Wow!

I’m guessing only English majors remember from elementary school what predicates are (no offense).  Even my top 10 with honors hubby had to search online to figure it out.

I can only imagine how things are going to be as the year goes on.

And to think in a few years I’ll have to relive this again when my son hits second grade.

I feel for the parents who have more kids than me.  You are having to relive going to school all over again. and over again..  It’s like being Billy Madison, but instead of a few weeks, you have 13 years.

Did I just say that out loud. Thirteen more years. I think I want to cry now in the laundry room.

There has to be Cliff Notes on helping your kids with homework.

How you do muddle through your child’s homework? We have reading one night and math the next, including weekends.




  1. We aren’t there yet, but I am dreading it already. I have brains, did well in school, but redoing it again and again scares me. Thankfully my husband too is quite smart. I figure I did all the diaper changes, vomit clean up, nose wiping, HE can do the homework. :-) Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • That would be nice if he could help with that! I have a hard time training people and hubby does that a lot, so he has more patience. I don’t. I have to keep remembering she’s only 7. But I’ve repeated myself 4 times to do something, she should just do it. Only a month in to school and I’m looking forward to June! but oh no, that will mean 3rd grade.

      All I remember of 3rd grade was reading the Little House on the Prairie series. Tell me that’s all there is still. :)

  2. we went through it a few years back when my daughter was in 2nd grade…but my son is in 2nd now and I forgot everything again =)
    My hubby has math and spelling and I have Science and Social, so at least it not just one of us RACKING our BRAINS!! =) Deffently is tougher than I remember!!!

  3. Lol. I can’t imagine myself when we get there. I am so poor in Math! :-X

  4. I hear you! Actually, kindergarten was my rude awakening – I had no idea there would even be any homework! Trying to get a 5yo boy to sit still long enough to get through it was torture. He’s now in 2nd and can do most of the homework himself while I help my 1st grader do his. When helping two kids, I try to have one read while the other does math and then switch. I still protest on some days because homework at this age is really busy work for the parents – we are the ones organizing it, writing it and making sure its done.

  5. So funny! My kids are still in pre-school but I am already dreading homework. I guess on a positive note I’ll probably learn a lot more than I ever did in school!

  6. Math was the hardest for me, but fortunately I like puzzles so I tried to think of it as a puzzle that I had to solve. It actually turned it into fun for me, and I LOVED algebra when the kids took it because of that. However, I hated it when I took it myself as a child.

  7. Thank you for sharing. When I was 40 my son was almost one. I’ll be in my mid-late 40’s when he’s in second grade. Eeeks! I am thinking about heading to the laundry room now to start crying so I can get a head start!

  8. Girl I feel ya! I have a second grader – my one and only child. I am 41. I tell him to go get a snack while I try to figure out the Math. You know how we used to carry the one? His Math was going horizontally instead of vertically and I was totally confused. I’ve already forgotten but carry the one was rephrased to something else. We DID have to look it up on the internet and then I was like DUH. But why did they do that? It seems harder. You know what I’m dreading? Science projects! As you see I don’t have an answer for you. Let me go read the comments above.

  9. That is too funny and what a coincidence. I’m a 40 yr old mom of a 3rd grader and also had to look up predicate last week. Both my husband and I couldn’t believe we forgot such a basic grade school English term. I’m now really scared of 4th grade:)

    • I’m not looking forward to the upper grades. I didn’t enjoy learning the parts of the sentence as a kid, so it’s blocked from my memory. I more wanted to socialize. i guess that is why my reports said I talked to much. lol.

      I’m glad I’m not alone with this pain!

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