Evaluate How You Coupon

It’s a New Year and time already to reflect on how you did last year with your couponing.

Did you have a goal and did you save as much as you wanted.  Use this Savings Tracker to help you track your savings for 2013.

Did you have enough coupons or were you struggling to find coupons. If you struggled, you may need to look at ways to get more coupons by purchasing coupons or coupon inserts.

Did you meet or come under you goal for spending on groceries in 2012?  Maybe this needs to be reevaluated and readjusted.

Did you run out of items before the next sales cycle (when the items go on sale again), causing you to buy at (gasp) regular price?  If so, you may want to increase the amount of items you purchased on sale.

Did you end up with extra items that expired before you could use them? Cut back on the number of items you purchased or take inventory of your stock and if you aren’t using them us, consider donating the extra you have,  to a local shelter or food bank.

Did you run out of space for our stock pile?  It may be time to rearrange and be more efficient with your space.  Add in shelving or repurpose a dead space in your basement.  Keeping your stock pile in one general area keeps it from over taking your house and making it look  like a store instead of a home.  January is the month everyone wants to get organized, so look for sales on organization items, like Tupperware (which IS on sale in January), to help you organize your home to be more efficient.

If you are struggling to match coupons and sales, consider using a coupon match site to help you match the coupon to the sales in your area.  These sites take the time to help you get the best deal and you can do other things.

If you are just getting started, check out couponing 101 to get you started.

Happy Savings!


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  1. i am struggling to learn this whole coupon thing

  2. Great info, i am a couponer and I saved alot last year each time I shopped, plan to do that again this year, but save more!

  3. Funny, I should see this now.
    I was just looking for coupons. It seems I am doing something incorrectly.
    I will look into your coupon 101

  4. I’ve enjoyed being able to load coupons onto my Kroger/Fred Meyer rewards card from my iPhone. What a help!

    I’m happy to have connected with you through VoiceBoks.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I have yet to dip my fingers in the pool of couponing, though. I’m sure I’ll be able to save a lot if I start using coupons.

  6. I do use Q’s —but I’ve never really calculated how much I’ve save through the whole year one store does it on the receipt–In 2012 I saved $1124.78 there…I shop at two other store just as regularly –so I’d venture to guess my yearly saving is well over $3000.00+ I do have a few questions 1st about buying Q—do you really find that after the price to buy the Q its worth the buy?? 2nd Some store have limited the amount of same Q in my area do you find yourself making multi trips to the store to get the full $$$ off worth it??

    • I have went back and forth on buying coupons, not buying coupons. Last year I stopped buying inserts and just started using coupons I could print and that was a great cost savings. I then started just buying coupons I needed from wiz clipz. This week I ordered inserts because they are expeting 5-6 inserts to be in the paper. I check the inserts to see if thre are coupons I want in them before purchasing). To me it’s cheaper to print what I need and buy those few coupons that I need to be cost effective. Does that help?

      With that said, my store also limits to 3 like coupons to be doubled. So I do make multiple trips or I take my husband to the store to use the coupons with me to save on trips. I sometimes get 10-20 of the same coupon on certain coupons (soups and beans) as those are on sale once a year and I stock up for the year on those items. The store I make trips to are on the way to pick up my kids, so it’s not extra driving for me.

  7. Couponing is such a smart way of saving on household necessities. :)

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