When did loosing teeth turn into pulling teeth?

My daughter has started losing teeth.  As a kid I was excited about losing teeth as it meant getting money from the tooh fairy.  I let my mom pull my teeth with a little difficulty.

But my daughter.  Wow.  You would think I was torturing her with the fits of drama I get.

She’s lost 7 teeth so far.  She won’t just pull them out.  They are so loose it’s gross to look at and I’m sure if she sneezed hard enough they would just fall out.

So my question is, when did losing teeth become something to fear and not want to do?  Do kids not realize they will get money for their teeth? All the crying and carrying on was enough for me to just let the teeth fall out when the wanted.

Regardless if she ended up swallowing one or two.

Back in my day, we only got a quarter for a tooth.  My daughter got $4 while at my parents when the above tooth fell out.

The one she wasn’t going to pull out.

It fell out on it’s own.

When she bit into a donut.

She said there was little blood (yeah, because it was just hanging there).

I can’t be the only parent dealing with the D-R-A-M-A from a little ole tooth! How do you cope? I’m about to jump off the little string tied to her teeth.



  1. Carrie Miller says:

    lol Im not sure, I have 3 kids, all of whom have almost completely lost them all. They werent very big on pulling them either but I kinda liked it that way. I always told them, when they are ready, they will fall out on their own, why force something thats going to happen on its own in time? Now true, I guess theres some risk to them accidently swallowing one or something, but I think that would be pretty rare. Just my humble opinion though:)

    • I’m been trying to be ok with it Carrie, but I have haven’t been good at it. She came home today, one of her teeth fell out on it’s own at schoo, someone bumped her mouth. Another down!

  2. I remember my father tying a string around our tooth and the other end to a door knob then closing the door quickly, and we only got a dime.

    Give her an apple and it will come out. lol

  3. When my girls were young and their teeth were real loose like that I would just play it off. I would have them close their eyes and count to ten while I checked the tooth, then I would just grab it out before they got to ten. When they got to ten they would open their eyes and I would show them the tooth. They would get all excited and run to their rooms and put it under their pillows. =D

  4. I’m grossed out by wiggling teeth. The first thing my neice does is run up to an d say “Look Auntie Marianne!” as she wiggles it!
    My dad used to give any kid with a loose tooth a pack of bubble gum if the kid let him pull their tooth! The parents at church would bring their kids in to show him. They thought it was great!

  5. Hahaha! My son, who is now 17 was the same way. I have never seen another kid like he was about losing his teeth. It was fun to hear about one. And btw he turned out just fine, in fact he is a great young man.

  6. My kids teeth grow in before they come out so once they are loose enough, my hubby gets dental floss, ties it around the tooth and pops it out with practically no blood loss if any. He shuts them in the 1/2 bath so if the tooth goes flying, they can find it easily. LOL (hint: shut the potty).

    We also only did 25c when we were kids. To make it extra special for our kids, we get the gold $1 coins from the bank. Our daughter is now 18 and has all her $1 coins and now her little brother that is 5 is getting them. He thinks they are pirate treasure so its perfect.

    My mom made him a treasure box. She got it unfinished at Michaels, stained it and put pirate stickers on it and modge podged over it. He loves it. Now he thinks the tooth fairy brings him pirate treasure.

    Hope this helps!!

    • Definitely need to shut the toilet if working in the bathroom!

      I love the idea about the $1 coins, I’m sure my son would just love it (and the treasure chest!)

      Thanks for the ideas!

  7. My 5 year old just started losing teeth. He lost his first in November and is about to lose his second. He is SO excited though. Initially, he freaked out when his tooth became loose. He actually cried and was little scared. But I explained it to him and he then spent every day making my husband and I check if it was more loose. When it finally came out (while he was brushing his teeth) – he screamed in excitement. Although I will say, I understand now why my parents always offered to pull mine – I was SO excited and just wanted him to have that sucker out! haha :) Stopping by late from 3Jan’s GYB Blog Hop.

    • Oh how exciting for him! It is a scary thing at first for them. We’ve lost a few more teeth since then and she still doesn’t let me pull them, we have to wait for them to fall out.

  8. My daughter bit off the top of an otter pop (without scissors…) and she started crying and said her tooth was bleeding. I told her to come show me her tooth and it was GONE! I asked her if her tooth was missing before and she said no and we realized her tooth was loose and we didn’t know it, it just came out haha! I found it on the floor where she was at.

    My boy on the other hand…his top middle tooth has been loose for SO LONG it’s driving me nuts! Last night I told him I would give him $5 if he pulled it out…so he tried the floss and my husband and I held him down and tried to pull it and it just wouldn’t budge…today my husband said it’s just hanging there…my boy will NOT pull it…it’s driving me crazy.

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