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When you shop online, do you just go to the site you want to buy things from, add them to your cart and then check out and pay for them?

Do you know you are missing out on saving money? You need to shop cheaper online.

Ebates is easy to use.  You go to Ebates first, then go to the website you want to purchase from, from within their site and make your purchase.  You then earn a percentage back on qualifying purchases (some sites have exclusions/limitations).

Coupon Codes – are a great way to get discounts on your purchase.  Places like (each time a coupon or code is use is used,  a meal is donated to child in need) or Retail Me Not are a good sources of coupon codes to use. (you can use coupon codes when using Ebates, saving you even more money).

Ibotta – have you started using this app on your phone?  It’s free.  You select items you would want to purchase at a store (not online, but included because it’s a mobile app). You answer questions, post information to Facebook, watch a video or read information on the product and accrue money in your account you could receive.  Once your purchase the item, you take a picture from your phone of your receipt and once it is verified, your money is placed in your Ibotta account.  You can refer friends and when they sign up you get $1 if they sign up!

What other sites/programs to you use online to save money? I am always looking for more ways to save $$.


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  1. Even though Ebates does not have an iPad app, they are still giving iPads away. To win an iPad you must refer 50 friends with qualified $25 dollar purchases; to the well connected this may not be so hard. Ebates gives you a referral code you can post on your Facebook page, blog, or email. Even if you do not earn the iPad, you can still save money on your purchases and earn 5 dollars for yourself and each qualifying friend.

  2. I think it’s really cool that people can save money, but I think for myself there are just too many things to remember to do. I’m not organized and I don’t think of it when I need to make a purchase. Sometimes I quick go on my phone to see if I can find a coupon, when I’m in the store and decide I need something, but then my phone takes forever to load, or I can’t find one. It’s just discouraging, so I stopped trying.

  3. I always google coupon codes before I shop! I never used to but once my friend told me to do that they really saved me money!

  4. Hmm. I always see these sites, but forget to use them! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  5. I’ve used Ebates with much success!!! I don’t have a smart phone so the apps for savings are just lost on me right now =}

  6. Thanks for the tips! I tend to find the best coupons on Retail Me Not. Can’t live without it!

  7. I shop online ALL THE TIME. I don’t live near malls or good stores. So I like to shop online a lot. Thanks to ebates I get a percentage back. I don’t mind if it’s 1% or 20%.

    It’s great that I can just get a little something back. I don’t keep track of when I’m going to get my next check. I just get a notice saying “You got paid.” I get it sent directly to my paypal account every 3 months. That’s just extra spending money for me. Kind of like, reaching into a pocket and finding a $5 bill. It’s free to sign up and free to use. So why not sign up.

    I recently referred my grandma to this site. She shops online a lot too. She also makes all her travel plans online. So this gives her a chance to earn some of that money back. She loves it!

    There’s nothing better than free money!

    • Thanks for pointing out the benefits of Ebates. How great that you shared this site with your grandma. Everyone needs to get a little money back. I just got my big fat check this week too!

  8. I use MyPoints, ShopatHomeSelect, Upromise (goes toward college), my credit cards have reward sites. Once I get one of those new-fangled phones, I’ll have to try ibotta!

  9. I simply don’t shop to save money;) Really, I’m so busy with my business, that I literally don’t shop for myself for about the last 4 years. Starting a business does wonders for your personal wallet.

  10. I LOVE shopping online which is why opened up my online store – which by the way we are promoting the site with a giveaway..

    But i started working with shopathome and it is great. I found sales and coupons, i would never have had I just shopped directly.

  11. I LOVE to shop online. I recently started using because not only do they have weekly and sometimes daily savings, you can earn points on mypoints and redeem them for gift cards. Which come in really handy at Christmas:)

  12. I have bookmarked this page. I just recently heard about Ebates, but unfortunately still haven’t checked it out! My “to do” list is so long it’s ridiculous. Thanks for the tips… I will be checking them out before I shop online again!

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