Black Friday Shopping Without the Crowds

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I love a good deal.  I don’t like particpating in black friday crowds.

I like my sleep, so I have never gotten up early for a big sale (expect for the big make up sale of 2011.). Don’t judge me. :)

So when asked, if I will be getting things on sale for Christmas this year, the answer is yes.  As long as I can order it online.

I save even more money this way through Ebates. How?

If a store is offering free shipping during their black friday online sales, I save gas.  If shop online through my Ebates account, I will get a percentage back from my purchase, making it even cheaper. I can still use my codes I find through Retail Me Not and other sites and get those discounts.  Just by going through the Ebates site, it ties to my account, and I get a percentage back from my purchase.

No long lines.

No waiting to check out.

No freezing cold.

No we’re sorry this is sold out.

This won’t work obviously for instore only sales. I get that.

I’m not a gal who wants to get up at 3am or whatever time and wait for an item.  I love that some of you like to do that.  Our holidays aren’t about getting a ton of gifts.

If I go some place, it will be when the sun is out.  And you can usually find me looking for deals on blankets and warm gloves and hats to donate (perfect time to do this at a lower cost).

I’ll hold out for Cyber Monday as well and use Ebates for those purchases too.  Ebates sends us a check based on our purchases and you can even refer a friend to get a bonus too.

How do you save money during Black Friday sales?


  1. I don’t blame you for not wanting to get up for those sales. I don’t plan on going to the store either this year unless its to CVS or Walgreens and I can snag free or cheap stuff.


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