Make a list, check the coupon and ad matching policy twice before you shop

Check the stores coupon and price matching policy before you shop|thecrazynutsmom.comBefore you head out for Black Friday with your coupons and ads to price match at stores, PLEASE rereview the coupon policies and price matching policies.  Some may have changed!

For example, Meijer is no longer ad matches:

Meijer strives to provide low prices every day across the store. In order to maintain our prices, Meijer does not match ads from competitors. (as of 11/26/13, might change again so view the stores site)

I would hate for anyone to have a plan to go to one specific store and get all their items, only to find their policy has changed.

I have linked several sites above, but it’s not all the stores and I have linked directly to the store, not another site.  You need to read the stores policy for coupons and price matching DIRECTLY from the source. Relying on any site but the actual store, could cause you lots of pain and aggravation.

What policies have you noticed have changed from last year?

I’d love to hear what you find, since I’m not a early morning black friday shopper.  I love me some sleep.


  1. Wow ad matching is one way that I save money without having to run from store to store. I hope that store changes it’s mind, I think ad matching would give them more customers.

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