Bridal Registry

What’s better than getting a gift?

Getting a gift you really want!

I have heard many times from women at vendor and craft shows that they have many items I’m selling and that they got them at their bridal shower and how they still work and how much they love them. I can offer this to you too with your own Tupperware bridal registery. In addition to this you can host a Tupperware Bridal Shower.

Looking for bridal registry ideas?  A Tupperware bridal shower allows you (the bride) to be the hostess of your shower and receive the perks like a hostess.  You fill out a registry/wish list and your guests can order from your wish list and for themselves and you receive the hostess credit.  The shower can be tailored to fit your needs.  I can do a demonstration; you can do games and fun like at typical bridal showers, it can run like a normal Tupperware party or it can even be a typical bridal shower and I’m on hand to collect orders from your guests for themselves and from your registry.

Create your own Tupperware Gift Registry (bridal registry) today by going to my website  and selecting Shop  & Save and then select Registry and the Create Your Registry on the left. You can then select and add the items you would like to add to your registry.

Once your gift registry is set up, you can send your invitations to your guests for your bridal shower, and provide my website  They select Shop & Save and then select Registry.  From there, they are able to search for your bridal registry and order items you selected on your list.  Guests can also use this for your wedding gifts too!

Contact me if you need help setting up your registry, to schedule a bridal shower or for questions.